Our Mission

Since 1919, Shawver & Son, Inc. has prioritized delivering quality electrical installations for competitive bid, negotiated and design-build projects at competitive, cost-effective prices and to provide personalized service to fulfill our client’s specific requirements.  We offer an electrical service department with the latest in training and technology to help our customers maintain their facilities.  We strive to keep our reputation as an ethical and well respected contractor and to continually improve upon our service in order to be the best within the electrical, security, and TeleData industries.

Our greatest assets are our clients, and we constantly strive to enhance our strong relationships with them.  Through teamwork, support, and service for the long term we form a partnership with our clients.

Shawver & Son, Inc. takes pride in providing our customers with top quality workmanship, safe working standards, and professional customer service while using modern technologies and electrical engineering expertise.