FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber

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FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber

FutureFLEX is a revolutionary fiber pathway which replaces conduit and innerduct for virtually unlimited fiber bandwidth and pathway capacity. This system encompasses a wide range of applications and is especially cost effective for large scale projects.  It has become the preferred infrastructure for many of the world’s foremost enterprise networks including the Pentagon, CNN, ESPN, Johns Hopkins University, Mayo Clinic, Yale University, FORD, McCarran International Airport, National Library of Medicine, and Hobby Lobby (The Corporate Campus in Oklahoma City is a Shawver & Son FutureFLEX customer).

A compact fiber bundle, available in a variety of configurations, is blown through a tube using either compressed air or nitrogen gas. Once the tube cable highway is in place, the fiber installation takes only minutes and requires minimal labor. Spare tubes are included in the initial installation, so additional fiber installations or adjusting the network is simple and efficient. This process keeps construction costs down to a fraction of what  would be necessary to pull new fiber optic cable.

Shawver & Son, Inc. is a licensed and experienced FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber installer.

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