Electrical Safety Training

Lunch & Learn

Electrical arc flash protection and regulations, as described in the NFPA 70E, are designed to save lives, eliminate disabling injuries, and prevent damage to facility structures and equipment.   Every day in the United States an average of five workers are electrocuted, and seven suffer serious burn injuries.  Shawver & Son offers regularly scheduled, hands-on educational seminars to ensure the safety of your workers and security for your workplace.  The Lunch & Learn is an hour and a half class that seeks to broaden the client's knowledge of electrical arc flash hazards, associated government regulations, and proactive safety practices.

During this informative 90 minutes the participant will gain a clear understanding of:

  • Causes and dangers of an electrical arc flash
  • Arc Flash hazard reduction and minimization
  • Steps in performing an arc flash hazard assessment
  • Proper selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Energized work permit requirements


Training is not only for electricians.  This electrical arc flash safety Lunch & Learn is designed to educate anyone who works with or around energized electrical systems operating over 50V. 

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